Portland, OR: The Most Walkable Neighborhoods

Portland, OR: The Most Walkable Neighborhoods

This is my list of the three most walkable regions of Portland, Oregon.


Where are the most walkable neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon? When I say walkable, I’m not talking about places centered in malls. Instead, I’m referring to places you can easily walk from your front door to retail centers, restaurants, and coffee shops. This is my list of the most walkable neighborhoods in Portland:


  1. Downtown. Of course, this is the densest area of Portland. It will naturally have the most restaurants, coffee shops, and other attractions. There are museums, farmers markets, and a little bit of everything.

  2. The inner east side. This area includes north, northeast, east, and southeast Portland from the Willamette river on the west side to highway I-205 on the east side. That general area has dozens of retail centers. It’s more residential than downtown—centered more on single-family housing than condos and apartments. 

  3. The rest of Portland. Generally, the rest of Portland is a little more suburban and less walkable than the other areas I’ve mentioned. This extends out into the suburbs themselves. However, you still get some nice walkability if you live close enough to downtown. 


Thanks for checking out my list of the most walkable neighborhoods in Portland. If there’s anything I can do to help or any questions you might have, please give me a call. I hope to hear from you sometime soon.


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