How To Move to Portland, Oregon

How To Move to Portland, Oregon

The six steps you can expect to go through during a move to Portland.


Have you ever thought about moving to Portland, Oregon? This is a great place to live, and I would love to help you move here. To help you feel prepared for the process, here are the six steps of moving to Portland: 

  1. Contact me. The whole process will go a lot smoother if you talk to an agent in the beginning and have professional advice along the way. 
  1. Set up a call. This could be a traditional call or over the phone or via Zoom. The meeting will help me figure out what you’re looking for, plus I can tell you what’s going on in this market. We could even talk about financing. The main idea is that we get on the same page to set ourselves up for success. 

"If we get on the same page, we’ll be set up for success."


  1. Get set up with a listing search. This customized search will send you listings based on your criteria. Also, it will help you be more educated on the market to find out what places are selling for and in what timeframe. 
  1. Begin the search for your new home. You can look at places in person, or I can show you them through video or Facetime call. 
  1. Go through the buying process. This is where we will negotiate a deal with the seller and go under contract. With a cash deal, expect this part to take two to three weeks. If you’re using financing, expect four to five weeks. 
  1. Become the owner of your dream home! This is the part where you officially become the homeowner, make the property your own, and create many years of memories. 

I hope that this helps you be better prepared for the process. If there’s anything I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I would love to help you make the move and buy your dream home! Call or email me anytime. 


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